Jeff Lindberg

Just day dreaming and a little bit of scheming.

I was just thinking on all the social justice issues that have surfaced over the past month. From understanding my own white fragility, to today’s historic ruling by SCOTUS on equality for my LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters in the work place…we’ve been given a lot to consider.

I don’t take this lightly…and give it daily attention. I struggle with evolving into a brand and remaining a person. But isn’t my brand, my person?

When I meet you at convetions or see you online, I think you want me to remain a person…right? The geniune me? Well then I have to have a space to be me, too! Right?

Some of my fellow crafty friends have been discussing what we can do to be more vocal about the social justices that need our attention and I pledge to challenge not only my own way of thinking – but also not hide behind the realities of what is happening out in the world.

If you are here for this journey and up to create a world that is filled with promise, driven to equality and justice for all…then I think our dreams are a match. I can’t wait to figure out (alongside YOU!) how to make that happen. Keep me honest and check me on my priveledge…and I’ll do the same for you.

Creating has always been my therapy. Together we will find a center…not only in our card making, but who we are as artful creators of this universe. Onward.

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